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「 αℓℓιє ρrιѕ мercιer 」
Gothic-Fantasy artist, writer, ballerina,
art model, songstress-pianist, and baker.

Art director of Silver Gate Forest.

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October Nocturne { Michael }
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As long as you have yourself to believe in, then you are gonna be okay.
~ Brittany Murphy. (I love this girl. RIP.)

Wuthering Heights ♥


Wuthering Heights ♥

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Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as long as you live.
Dear mr. Gaiman, how do you cope with failure/making mistakes? I keep thinking that my mistakes are closely linked to my value as a person and therefore I am scared of doing anything in case i mees it up. Do you have any advice? Thanks for your time!
lunarartist lunarartist Said:


I keep making mistakes. I hope I learn from them. I hope I’ll keep making them until I die. They mean I’m out there doing something.

Inspirational. I love this!

This old photo is a follow-up to the video "Michael Mercier drums on the drummer’s cake." and as before mentioned, this was a cake I made for a drummer I know — it was his birthday that day.

I originally made this photo for the fan-site I used to run about his music, but for some reason I never got around to posting it on my own art site, which is too bad, since I realised that my Cake Decorations section is lacking. 

I miss baking, and decorating cakes! =’(

"Releasing Adrian the mouse in the fields." 
Michael and I found a baby mouse crawling inside the mattress (!). After considering to keep him, my brothers and I ultimately decided to release him in the fields. I called him Adrian. (And, yes, the mattress will be replaced, soon.)

"Léon Mercier rocks out to the BSB." 
The title speaks for itself; here’s Mr. L rockin’ out to Get Down by the Backstreet Boys.

"Michael Mercier drums on the drummer’s cake." 
In early April, I baked and decorated a drum cake for a drummer I know. Mik always wanted to be a drummer himself, so we did this for fun.

"Michael & Léon Mercier on the Ring of Fire carnival ride." 
From the day of my birthday in early May again, when we came across a surprise carnival on the way to the mall. My brothers got on this outrageous, wild ride called the Ring of Fire! Watch for their reactions — these brothers are complete opposites as you can see! ^.~ One boy’s a thrill seeker, and the other one is not so thrilled!

"Michael Mercier’s ride through the haunted house." 

My brothers and I ran into a surprise carnival on the way to the mall the day of my birthday back in early May. This was one of the rides my brothers and I got on.

My username lunarartist was created by leon-moonage-daydream Léon who supports me as an artist & knows I adore the Moon. ♥

Foto: octobernocturne & I for #LeftHandersDay as Mik is a leftie.
leon-moonage-daydream Léon is ambidextrous. #MyBrosRock

Five in the morning. I just wrote an email to my close friend. I also made a conscious effort to unsubscribe to mailing lists as they come.

I’m clearing out clutter from my life: from mailing lists, to friendships & connections that have run their course; to my room & belongings.

I need a fresh start. A conscious fresh start. I’m just working on mindfulness. I need metaphorical air to breathe.

From now on: Balance.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream. William Bloodgood.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

My favourite by William Shakespeare.

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