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Visual Artist. Creative Writer. Baker.
Introvert. Dreamer. Music & Art Lover.
Art Director of Silver Gate Forest.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal // Blade Runner
I Wei Wei // 我爱韦炜 ^.^ // Houshe Boys 后舍男生

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Happy Owls!

Owlies are so beautiul! ^.^
Re-posting for leon-moonage-daydream
cos my baby bro loves owlies~ :3

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Picture above - David Bowie draws Kabulah Tree of Life, photographed by Steve Schapiro, 1975

In title song „Station to Station” from the album of the same name, David Bowie mentions ‘‘kether’’ and ‘‘malkuth’’. At time of song’s release only few knew what he is saying and even fewer what…

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Toby and Jareth, the Goblin King. 

I ♥ Ziggy. ^_^

♥ Ziggy. ^_^

Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.
~Unknown (via tinybuddha)

Birthday Girl
by SilverGateForest

Since it is our story character Judy’s birthday — or, rather, it was before midnight… ^^; — I decided to draw/paint this. 

I’m stunned to see there isn’t any artwork of Judy in our deviantART gallery already, too… I guess I’ll have to fix that. 

I’m too shy to put up old artworks, since, they’re, well, not as good? ^^; But okay, here is our Summer girl all fiesty for her birthday! :D 

She’s 25. ^.^

Note: Jewelia is pronounced the same way as Julia!

Art & Story/Judy
© SilverGateForest

For her birthday, I’m working on a portrait of our story character, Judy. ^.^ She’d be turning 25 today! I hope to finish this tonight…! :3

I’m so in love with Bowie’s Jadeite look.^.^ I truly believe Jadeite from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon was inspired by David Bowie. 

Criss - A Dream Within A Dreamby SilverGateForest

A sketch of Criss I did in December 2012, and that I took the time to finally paint this past April. This was inspired by a dream I had, where I was inside my avatar’s mind, as one being; and I was inside our story world! :O It was a pretty interesting dream, intriguing and moody! :D

Art & Story/Criss
© SilverGateForest

I’m really afraid to feel happy because it never lasts.
 Andy Warhol (via feellng)

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Owlies make awesome penpals~ :3

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#Watermelon pieces - thanks Miks! ♥ #Photos