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「 αℓℓιє ρrιѕ мercιer 」
Gothic-Fantasy artist, writer, ballerina,
art model, songstress-pianist, and baker.

Art director of Silver Gate Forest.

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A part of a local ice cream place where I live.#Photography #Carousel #Horse #MerryGoRound

Beautiful photo, Miks! ^.^

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit! ^.^ ♥♥♥

hello, thank you very much, its always nice to know someone appreciates my blog. ahh the doctor, thank you, that made me feel better, I like that show :) I don't know how to say how much I appreciate you messaging me. I felt a little sad that day, I still feel a little sad now too but you made me feel a little better :) xoxo to you too.
lunarartist lunarartist Said:

Dear bowiesexuality, you’re welcome luv! ^.^ You’re one of my top three favourite Bowie blogs in fact right here on tumblr. I’m so happy you caught that reference; the Doctor is inspiring, and I think people should always remember how we are all important, even on our down days, dear. It’s always all right to feel sad, it’s what makes us human, and I’d like to think compassion comes from having known sadness. I hope you will feel better in days to come — and let those days come very soon! xoxo

As long as you have yourself to believe in, then you are gonna be okay.
~ Brittany Murphy. (I love this girl. RIP.)
Dear mr. Gaiman, how do you cope with failure/making mistakes? I keep thinking that my mistakes are closely linked to my value as a person and therefore I am scared of doing anything in case i mees it up. Do you have any advice? Thanks for your time!
lunarartist lunarartist Said:


I keep making mistakes. I hope I learn from them. I hope I’ll keep making them until I die. They mean I’m out there doing something.

Inspirational. I love this!

This old photo is a follow-up to the video "Michael Mercier drums on the drummer’s cake." and as before mentioned, this was a cake I made for a drummer I know — it was his birthday that day.

I originally made this photo for the fan-site I used to run about his music, but for some reason I never got around to posting it on my own art site, which is too bad, since I realised that my Cake Decorations section is lacking. 

I miss baking, and decorating cakes! =’(

"Releasing Adrian the mouse in the fields." 
Michael and I found a baby mouse crawling inside the mattress (!). After considering to keep him, my brothers and I ultimately decided to release him in the fields. I called him Adrian. (And, yes, the mattress will be replaced, soon.)

"Léon Mercier rocks out to the BSB." 
The title speaks for itself; here’s Mr. L rockin’ out to Get Down by the Backstreet Boys.

"Michael Mercier drums on the drummer’s cake." 
In early April, I baked and decorated a drum cake for a drummer I know. Mik always wanted to be a drummer himself, so we did this for fun.

"Michael & Léon Mercier on the Ring of Fire carnival ride." 
From the day of my birthday in early May again, when we came across a surprise carnival on the way to the mall. My brothers got on this outrageous, wild ride called the Ring of Fire! Watch for their reactions — these brothers are complete opposites as you can see! ^.~ One boy’s a thrill seeker, and the other one is not so thrilled!

"Michael Mercier’s ride through the haunted house." 

My brothers and I ran into a surprise carnival on the way to the mall the day of my birthday back in early May. This was one of the rides my brothers and I got on.

My username lunarartist was created by leon-moonage-daydream Léon who supports me as an artist & knows I adore the Moon. ♥

Foto: octobernocturne & I for #LeftHandersDay as Mik is a leftie.
leon-moonage-daydream Léon is ambidextrous. #MyBrosRock

Five in the morning. I just wrote an email to my close friend. I also made a conscious effort to unsubscribe to mailing lists as they come.

I’m clearing out clutter from my life: from mailing lists, to friendships & connections that have run their course; to my room & belongings.

I need a fresh start. A conscious fresh start. I’m just working on mindfulness. I need metaphorical air to breathe.

From now on: Balance.